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At your first point of contact with ProClean Ovens we will ask you some basic information to enable us to quote you correctly. Firstly your contact details, whether your appliance is a Gas or an Electric Oven, Single, Double Oven, Free Standing Cooker, AGA, or a Range Cooker, and is it standard 60cm width or wider.

Once onsite, I will explain what is about to happen to your oven. An initial inspection of your appliance is carried out to establish any faults, scratches or missing parts that already exist.

To respect your property, I will ask if there is a rear door entrance to prevent me walking through other rooms whilst accessing the van. If not, then these areas can be dust sheet protected or over shoes worn. The work area will always be dust sheet protected whilst the work is being carried out.

All removable parts from the appliance are taken to the special dip-tank mounted in the van and left to soak in the environmentally friendly, odourless, bio-cleanser. In the meantime I will be cleaning the shell of the oven and where possible, removing and splitting the oven doors and cleaning the glass inside and out, removing all those Sunday roast, burnt on grease splashes. The interior and exterior is cleaned and degreased, doors are reassembled, all the original racks and grill pans are degreased and de-carbonised and subject to their original condition and age, nearly always come out looking as good as new. Finally, enamel finished cookers are polished while the stainless steel appliances are treated with a special stainless steel rejuvenator oil.

Your appliance is now ready to use immediately with no lingering fumes.

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